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from the first day of lights to the new day of the night 8:00-02:00

of Üsküdar

simbol of

special tastes of world and mediterranean special flavors, the most spectacular view of istanbul is also offered. My favorite place in Üsküdar gives their guests for many years of delicious food and also it gives a landscap with it dominat position on Bosphorus .

5 diffrend concepts

our saloons

simple, comfortable and with stylish environment, a spectucular landescape of Bosphorus gives a pleasant status for a chat in Katibim saloons, all day long.

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Selfi Latte

Coffee is now more fun

Enjoy your coffee with Selfi Latte


A lot of fun here

Have Fun With Your Loved Ones

Enjoy unique views and entertainment while sipping your coffee at Katibim


Team Support in the Most Stylish Tribune

Match Days

The opportunity to support your team in the most stylish bleachers and enjoy the environment with the opportunity to watch Katibim'de