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from the first day of lights to the new day of the night 8:00-02:00

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weve been together for 28 years...

Special tastes of world cuisine since 1990, Presented in Katibim with the most spectular view of İstanbul.

Every day gives start with a new beginning!

We re not just cooking; an experience for our customers, the atmosphere of happiness wii taken on the tables.

Menu, Katibim is the exlusive meeting point of İstanbul with its service cocept and central location , evening meals as well as dinner , a place prefered especially by the business world continues to be.

Katibim İstanbuls beauty under all under all your feet and terrace views of İstanbul from a different point of view, provides a cozy atmosphere for lunch and dinner, as well as pleasant conversations with lounge areas.

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in the middle of the day... also at sunset...

in the menu where I have selected the flavors of the world and mediterranean cuisine, you can find many unique flavors together.

Menu, service understandig and with central place of Katibim Dome Hall, witch is the exlisuve meeting point of istanbul, it provides a comfortable environment for pleasant conversations around the clock.

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Welcome to Ramadan

Ramazana Special Menus

You are invited to the iftar dinner, where your loved ones will come together


Selfi Latte

Coffee is now more fun

Enjoy your coffee with Selfi Latte


A lot of fun here

Have Fun With Your Loved Ones

Enjoy unique views and entertainment while sipping your coffee at Katibim


Team Support in the Most Stylish Tribune

Match Days

The opportunity to support your team in the most stylish bleachers and enjoy the environment with the opportunity to watch Katibim'de